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Holding Landlords Accountable For Unsafe Apartments

People have the right to feel safe in their own homes. Part of a landlord’s duty is to ensure the safety of tenants. When the landlord does not fulfill that duty, and a tenant suffers harm as the victim of a crime, the tenant has the right to take action. While victims may feel that they have nowhere to turn to get compensation for the harm they have suffered, they can get trusted legal help.

At the Law Office of Carlos L. Corless, we have more than 35 years of combined experience in pursuing compensation for injured victims who have been hurt because of a landlord’s negligence. Our lawyers will fight for you if a landlord failed to provide proper security. You can schedule your complimentary first meeting with our Spanish-speaking attorneys by calling 404-946-0188.

We have helped many people who have been hurt in their apartments, including those who are victims of:

  • Rape and sexual assault
  • Aggravated assault and battery
  • Robbery
  • Shootings and homicide

Effective Security Versus Ineffective Security

In some cases, a landlord with knowledge of a history of criminal activity in an apartment complex simply fails to take any measures to prevent crime. The landlord may not bother to hire security staff, improve locks, update lighting and add surveillance cameras. In other cases, the landlord may simply employ cheap or ineffective security measures.

We have seen cases in which a security firm was hired, but the firm’s employees only drove around the complex twice a week during the day rather than during peak times for known criminal activities. We will file a premises liability claim against any landlord who fails to take appropriate security measures to prevent crimes at apartment buildings.

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