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Handling Complex Truck Accidents Across Georgia With Ease

At the Law Office of Carlos L. Corless, our attorneys bring more than 35 years of combined experience to 18-wheeler accident claims. Our history of results and knowledge of complex personal injury cases is critical to our clients’ success. This skill set is useful considering that truck accidents are more likely to result in life-changing injuries or wrongful death. We use our depth of knowledge to maximize compensation for victims of truck accidents.

You can learn more about how our firm can help by scheduling your free consultation at our Atlanta office. Our Spanish-speaking lawyers represent clients in the Atlanta area and across Southeastern Georgia. Our personal injury attorneys are intimately familiar with the needs of the Latino communities in Georgia and the Southeast United States. You can schedule your free consultation by calling 404-946-0188.

How Truck Accidents Differ From Car Accidents

An experienced lawyer knows that truck accidents cannot be handled in the same manner as car accidents. The trucking industry is controlled by federal law, and truck drivers have strict rules to follow. Our years of experience with commercial truck accidents allow us to address these matters and understand how they play an essential role in building a strong case. We hold parties, including drivers and trucking companies, accountable for their negligent acts.

We frequently find that violations of trucking industry laws are the cause of accidents. For example, we may determine that the truck driver violated the law by spending too many hours behind the wheel without taking a break, leading to driver fatigue which caused the accident. We know that finding evidence of these violations may require some digging because truck drivers may falsify logbooks to make it look like they were driving legally.

We also know the importance of looking at maintenance records. Truck drivers and trucking companies are responsible for caring for their equipment. If the responsible parties do not maintain tires, brakes and other items, it may cause a serious accident.

Learn More By Contacting Our Atlanta Office

Our firm acts immediately to protect our clients’ rights. Please schedule your free consultation by calling 404-946-0188 or sending a message. Se Habla Español.