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Disfigurement is a serious possibility after an auto accident

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2022 | Accidentes de vehículos |

There are all kinds of car accidents that happen every day. In one part of the world, someone is experiencing a minor fender bender caused by a drunk driver. In another part of the world, someone was just run off the road by an aggressive driver.

No matter what accident you find yourself in, you may need to prepare for catastrophic injuries. Even a minor accident can cause unexpected injuries. The following injuries could happen to you in a collision:

Facial trauma

If your airbag goes off, it’ll protect a large portion of your body – typically your upper torso, preventing you from propelling forward. Car safety features don’t directly protect your face and may not deploy in time, however. In a serious accident, your face may not receive the safety it needs to protect against serious injuries.

Every part of the face (nose, jaw, eye socket or cheek) is especially prone to serious trauma in a car accident. Your face could suffer from fractures, bruises and bleeding. Some injuries may cause lifelong medical conditions such as breathing impairment, vision problems or facial motor control.

Your injuries could even be worsened depending on if anything came between your face and the airbag. Glasses or facial piercings could lodge into your face on impact. You could experience more than just facial trauma from debris penetrating your face.


In extremely rare and violent cases, people have experienced dismemberment from auto accidents. People who were involved in a high-speed accident or an accident with a semi truck are susceptible to serious or fatal injuries such as dismemberment.

If glass or metal penetrates the skin, it could sever limbs. Some people have had their limbs pinned down in an accident, cutting off blood flow and causing the limb to need an amputation. Victims of dismemberment may suffer from life-changing injuries, like a lost arm, fingers or legs.

Following road safety laws and wearing your seatbelt may prevent serious injuries in an auto accident. Some injuries from a collision aren’t preventable and when they happen you may need legal help to recover from your medical bills and losses.