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Can I hold a hotel or motel accountable for my assault?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2021 | English, Personal Injury |

Whether you were visiting Atlanta for vacation or were staying temporarily at a hotel or motel with business-related travel, you expected a safe and clean place to stay during your trip. Unfortunately, hotels and motels can be places where predators commit violent crimes.

Whether another patron at the hotel bar followed you as you left and assaulted you or you got mugged while walking from your vehicle to the door of the motel room, you could easily become the victim of a crime while staying temporarily in a motel or hotel.

Obviously, the criminal who attacked you is the person who has the primary responsibility for your injuries and losses. However, you may find yourself wondering if the business is also partially responsible. Can you take legal action against a motel or hotel where you became the victim of a crime?

Criminals know to target locations with inadequate security

Hotels and motels with assertive security personnel and readily visible cameras deter criminal acts. Those hoping to commit a crime of convenience don’t want video evidence or the risk of an armed confrontation with a security professional. They intentionally target places where people will be vulnerable, where victims may have significant property and where they feel like they won’t get caught.

Professionals ranging from business lawyers to insurance companies warn businesses that they should invest in proper security measures to protect staff members and visitors. Not hiring a security guard when operating a hotel or motel in a high-traffic area could be a negligent oversight. The same is true of not investing in security cameras or maintaining adequate lighting in parking lots.

Criminals know that tourists are often vulnerable and may be under the influence of alcohol when returning to their rooms, making them easy prey if the facility isn’t brightly lit and subject to security monitoring.

Can you connect what happened to you with the facilities of the business?

In a premises liability claim, someone who suffers injury or losses on another person’s property will try to hold that individual or business responsible. Victims of crime can potentially bring premises liability claims against the locations where they suffered an attack if negligent security or other issues with the premises directly contributed to their victimization.

You may be in a position to take legal action against a motel or hotel if better security measures would have prevented the crime.