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Automobile Accident Compensation

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Car Accidents, English, Personal Injury |

Unfortunately, automobile accidents often result in numerous injuries and sometimes even death. If you have been involved in a car accident, as a driver, passenger or passer-by, you are probably entitled to a range of compensation.

The variables to be taken into account for the realization of these rights are as follows:

  1. Guilt: who was responsible for the accident
  2. Insurance: type of insurance, coverage, and limits
  3. The police report, if necessary
  4. Illnesses or physical problems before the accident
  5. Statements by witnesses

Some provisions may vary depending on whether the accident involved a motor vehicle, truck or motorcycle.

The greatest legal challenge that an injured person, or his or her family, will face is anticipating and countering the legal tactics of insurance companies, which do their utmost to minimize or even completely cancel the compensation and coverage that they are obliged to pay. Oftentimes, the situation in which the accident victim has been left in does not allow him/her to understand the meaning or consequences of the documents and forms that the insurer asks him/her to sign.

It is also necessary to meet several deadlines for bringing appropriate complaints, and this is a very important aspect that the injured person must take into account. It is important to note that time limits are set by (state) law and that any claims by insurers to “archive” or “close” a file are probably mere pressure tactics without any legal basis.

Finally, remember that even if the accident was partially or completely your fault, you may still have certain rights depending on the type of policy you have with the insurance company. In addition, in accidents involving personal or material damage, the establishment and apportionment of guilt may be essential for compensation, indemnization, and future insurance premiums.

At the Carlos Corless law firm, we are specialists in the procedures of compensation or indemnization to people who have suffered a car accident. We can also act preventively, examining the policies that you have contracted or are going to contract to indicate the potential problems or gaps that must be resolved so you can drive your car with the peace of mind of having a broad and unambiguous coverage.

We, therefore, provide our clients with comprehensive legal care to seek the maximum compensation and benefits to which they are entitled. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for an appointment to receive information appropriate to your particular case.