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Worker Compensation Lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia: Work Accidents and Work Injuries that Work For You  | Carlos Corless

by | Feb 28, 2020 | English, Workers' Compensation |

Accidents just happen. All we need to suffer an accident is being exposed to a specific confluence of unknown and random events beyond our control. All we need to suffer an accident is being at the wrong time at the wrong place. 

Such a place can be your home, the streets, at a shop… or your work environment. Broken bones, traumas, concussions, skin abrasions, cuts and a long list of consequences of accidents are common in our work environment, and it is our right to look for compensation when we suffer them.

But what if we are suffering a health condition as the result of years and years of repetitive movements, carrying weight or even for being stood up for long periods at work? 

Those resulting health conditions do not qualify as work accidents in its most conservative sense because they are not consequences of random events but in a broader sense, they do have aftereffects of physical actions to accomplish work functions. For this reason they count as work injuries, and they are liable for monetary compensation including medical bills and lost wages.

Now that you know the difference between work accidents and work injuries, and also know that your employers are liable for worker compensations under both concepts, you can aspire to multiple benefits to make your life easier. Which ones fit better for you and your particular case?

Before delving into your options, a free tip: Call a worker compensation lawyer near you. Hiring a worker compensation lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia, strengthens your possibilities to get the most of your specific situation. Experience, passion and method are key points for asserting your rights.

Let’s get down to business, then.

What Kind Of Compensations and Benefits Can I Aspire To in Atlanta, Georgia?

Depending on the injury you suffer, you may be eligible to get a specific set of compensations and benefits. Wrapping up, these are the main categories you can aspire to after suffering a work accident or injury in Atlanta, Georgia:

  • Medical benefits
  • Permanent total disability benefits
  • Permanent partial disability benefits
  • Temporary partial disability benefits
  • Vocational rehabilitation benefits
  • Wage reimbursement benefits

Confused about which category fits better for your case? Overwhelmed with legal jargon? Not knowing where to start? Lacking time or focus to analyze and organize your proofs and proceed with your claims? All of them are good reasons to hire a worker compensation lawyer

Do not blame yourself for not knowing those details: Laws and fine letters usually lead to confusion, time is not always at your favor. There are positive solutions at your hands to make it work.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers and Workers’ Compensation Laws

To the legal jargon and other potential hurdles to face when looking for worker compensations, you need to add the compulsory laws from each state and the federal statutes that rule over Workers’ Compensation Laws. Then you have two different instances to check and comply with before moving forward in your allegations.

Also, if you work for a federal organization, then you are also covered and subjected to local laws and Acts. Every instance observes and provides fixed rewards related to workers’ compensation for employment-related accidents and injuries that vary from state to state, for example:

Summarizing, you will need a lot of time and focus to check every related rule and law to establish a common frame of reference for your case. Ready to call a worker compensation lawyer?

Workers’ Compensation Law in Georgia

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Workers’ Compensation Law In the State of Georgia, is that different from other states, there is a minimal window to be recognized as an employee even if you are classified as Not Covered Person (see table below).

It will depend on the classification you get. The key? Make sure you are recognized as a W2-type employee. Keep in mind this nomenclature, it will be helpful even if you are not a regular W2-type employee in Atlanta, Georgia. Let’s see why.

As Georgia’s laws are complex and the definition of independent contractors is widely interpreted, an employee can be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits even if he or she is not a regular W2-type employee. What are those cases? Your Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia knows the answer!

What the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation Has to Say

Roughly, these are the aspects and main features to take into account when filing a workers’ compensation claim under the Georgia state. Keep present that is closer to filing an insurance claim than a lawsuit against an employer1

State Workers’ Comp Division Workers’ Compensation Statute Covered Employees Persons Not Covered
Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation Official Code of Georgia Annotated §§ 34-9-1, et seq Employees of a business that employee three or more employees and some unpaid persons can be considered employees under limited circumstances.
  • Rail common carriers engaged in interstate or intrastate commerce
  • Farm laborers
  • Domestic servants
  • Licensed real estate salespeople or associate brokers
  • Independent contractors

Now you probably think, if the information is right there, and the process is closer to filing an insurance claim, why should I hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia? 

Well, even when there are simple cases on which the claimants can perfectly manage the process, there are certain duties and aspects that we can pass by. The devil is in the details. Do not let any loose end to luck. 

What Are Your Worker Compensation Lawyer’s Duties?

The goal of a workers’ compensation lawyer is helping the injured worker to get results in his or her own favor. These are the main duties of your worker compensations’ lawyer:

  • Collect and organize medical evidence and records.
  • Taking related declarations.
  • Managing analysis and findings.
  • Conducting legal research.
  • Keep updated with the latest Acts and precedent cases.
  • Prepare all related legal documents such as findings of fact, pleadings, briefs, motions, opinions.
  • Defending and litigating when the time comes before the correspondent instance.

Keep in mind that the success of your claims depends mainly on the correct gathering of concrete medical evidence. And even if you have them, the best you can do is letting a professional take care of them and organize for you.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia that Do the Hard Work for You!

Make sure that your case does not end in another accident that hurts your pockets. Contact and the best Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia and change your conditions in your favor.

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