Why You Should Consider Hiring an Atlanta Workers Compensation Lawyer

Work-related injuries and accidents have become quite rampant in Georgia. According to Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation, about 40,000 indemnity claims are filed, and a further 100,000+ medical claims are made each year. While most workers are susceptible to workplace injury, not many of them know their rights under Georgia’s Workers Compensation Act.

With that said, if you or your loved one have been hurt on the job, you should seek immediate legal help from a reputable Atlanta workers compensation lawyer. Unfortunately, most people don’t — and they give several different excuses. Some say they are in a “good place” in their career, others don’t want to ruffle feathers at work, and, the majority, claim they aren’t the “suing type.” The truth is, you cannot face the insurance lawyers alone; you need someone with insider knowledge: an experienced Atlanta workers compensation attorney.

Insofar as you want to approach your case in an honorable, less risky, straightforward, and decent way, you have to remember that insurances lawyers are out there to keep the interest of their employer. They want to bring down the total cost of each worker compensation claim, including yours. But, who’s out to protect your interest?

That’s where a good Atlanta workers compensation lawyer comes in handy. Just make sure to hire an attorney who brings a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to the table; someone who is in a position to discuss your claim and advise accordingly if pursuing a claim is the best way forward. You see, without skilled Atlanta workers compensation lawyers on your side, you will not be able to get the maximum income and medical compensation and benefits to which you’re entitled to under Georgia’s law.

Atlanta Workers Compensation

If you suffer from a work-related injury in Atlanta, and your company is required by Georgia law to have worker’s compensation insurance coverage, then you may be entitled to a number of benefits to cover your medical, income, and related expense. It is also important to note that certain exceptions are there depending on the business type, size, and so forth. That is why it pays to hire an attorney to discuss all your options when it comes Atlanta workers compensation claims.

Of course, there are a ton of good reasons why hiring a reputable Atlanta workers compensation attorney makes financial, legal, and logical sense when confronted by a workplace injury:

Hiring an Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney Isn’t Expensive

For starters, you can call an Atlanta Workers Compensation lawyer right now, and you will receive a no-obligation initial consultation and a free evaluation. But, more importantly, most of these lawyers work on a contingency basis, implying that they get a cut of the settlement money. In Atlanta, for instance, the lawyer’s fees are capped at 20 percent of the claim settlement. There are no hidden charges, no upfront fees, no retainer fees, and no charges for letters or calls — so, what have you got to lose? It’s always a win for you.

Helps You Obtain Maximum Benefits You’re Entitled to

Adjusters are quite aggressive when it comes to slicing down your average weekly wage. Because this is the basis on the amount of final settlement and ongoing disability checks, it’s not hard to see why insurance lawyers target average weekly wage. With a lawyer on your side, however, you will be able to get maximum benefits, especially when you need to make some modifications to your home and retain your job.

Makes Sure Your Rights Are Protected

Again, not many people know their rights under workers compensation act. If you don’t have a lawyer, the adjuster will take advantage of your ignorance. For instance, the adjuster might tell you that you can’t claim back injury because you’d a preexisting condition. That’s not legally true, but you can end up losing your benefits if you aren’t aware of your rights.

The Lawyer will Help Evaluate Your Case for Settlement

What’s your work-related injury case worth? That’s something you cannot tell out-and-out without the expertise and knowledge of an attorney. Bear in mind that no two Atlanta workers compensation cases are alike, and depending on the advice of your family, coworkers or friends will not cut it.

The Attorney will Help Screen for 3rd Party Liability Cases

If you or your loved one was injured in an accident that was caused by someone other than your coworker, employer, or yourself, your lawyer could file a civil case on top of your Atlanta workers compensation lawsuit. This is what’s called a 3rd party liability lawsuit, a case that can earn you more dollar compensation for your injuries.

Experience and Guidance You can Count on

Ask just about anyone who has been through an Atlanta workers compensation case, and you’ll hear that the experience is quite unpleasant. You may have relied on advice from people around you in past cases, but this one needs the expertise and know-how of a trained workers compensation attorney.