Why you need truck accident attorneys 2018

The number of trucks and trailers on our roads is increasing with the expansion and thriving of new business. Consequently, the number of truck accidents are increasing. Truck accidents can be fatal as compared to accident involving other vehicles. This is the reason why the insurance companies that cover such damages are a little different and they tend to operate under their own different policies. Thus, truck owners as well as other vehicle owners need to have a truck accident attorneys who is well versed in the policies and one who has the necessary resources.

Did you know that one in every eight motorized accidents involve trucks like tractor trailers and big rigs? Did you further know that four percent of the damages caused by automotive are as a result of trucks? Mostly, when a truck is involved in an accident, the passengers in the small vehicles suffer the greatest. They suffer damages and injuries of up to 86 %. There has been great alarm over the increase in the number of accidents involving trucks since 1992, which has risen by about 10%. Nonetheless, despite the increase in accidents, there has been a little action that seems to be taken in improving the driving safety regulations. This is more worrying given that the number of trucks has increased and they are working for long hours. These are some of the reasons why one should be armed with information on how to access truck accident attorneys Atlanta.

Truck accidents can lead to injuries such as:

  • Breaking of the bones
  • Injury to the spinal cord
  • Injury to the head
  • Whiplash injuries

In Atlanta lawsuits involving trucks and tractor-trailer accidents can get quite difficult due to the complexity of the rules guiding such accidents. This is made so by the fact that both the state and federal laws are applied and they tend to intertwine. One is not also quite certain over the number of parties that are likely to be enjoined in the lawsuit. This, therefore, provides the basis why when a person or their loved ones have been involved in an accident; one should not only get attorneys, but well-experienced truck accident attorneys Atlanta.

Proving the negligence of truck drivers

Winning a case involving a truck accident entails a complex procedure. Experienced truck accident attorneys Atlanta, can help to carry out a thorough investigation and prove the negligence of the truck driver. Such prove should involve the following procedure:

  • Examining the maintenance level of the truck; prove it is properly maintained or not
  • Checking the log book to ascertain adherence to the federal and Georgia state regulations for trucking
  • Cross-checking the documents of the drivers
  • Reviewing whether the states traffic laws have been adhered to
  • Examining the accident scene by analyzing the reports of the Atlanta police, reviewing the photographs, questioning witnesses, and most importantly trying to recreate the event of the accident using experts


Insurance companies are profit-generating ventures and thus they will strive to blackmail their clients to accept an unsubstantial compensation. It is, in fact, advisable that one should avoid disclosing the impact of the accident on them with anyone at the scene. The insurance company may end up playing you to settle for lesser, not realizing the health impact that the accident has had on you, only to realize sometime later when it will be too late. That information should only be given to your doctor and your attorney. Further, when insurers get access to such information before hand, they tend to use it to uncover information that they will use against you in your law suit. Your truck accident attorney is in the best position to handle the discussions.


A good attorney will always advise the victim in a truck accident to see a doctor soonest. This is despite how small the impact of the accident may seem to be. Some victims are known to assume seeing a doctor and ‘toughening.’ This does not only pose a danger to the life of the victim but also makes it difficult for the attorney to claim full compensation. The comments of the doctor are very important, as they place your attorney in a better position to compensate.



It is only through an experienced attorney that one can stand a chance to be compensated over:

  1. Medical expenses both present and the probable future medical expenses
  2. Any lost income
  3. Suffering and pain
  4. Psychological torment or even
  5. Any funeral expenses


Your attorney will help create claim using the information obtained in his or her investigation. The attorney will show the extent of your injuries, demonstrate the negligence on the part of the other party and claim for your compensation. The attorney and the insurer can settle the compensation by negotiation without having to go to court, or through a court of law where a judge will pass a verdict after listening to a presentation from both parties involved.


Truck accident attorneys Atlanta should, therefore, called to assist based on the level qualification in representation to ensure best claim representation.