Truck Accident Attorney

Specialist attorneys are not new to us and neither is the truck accident attorney. A truck accident attorney specializes in the defense of individuals who have been involved in accidents with trucks and commercial vehicles, and are looking to sue either the driver or the trucking company.

Necessity of the truck accident attorney

As soon as an accident happens, the trucking company no doubt dispatches its team of experts to record the scene and take notes. All this is done to avoid them having to pay for damages and to form a formidable defense against any such lawsuits. The victims of such an accident therefore have to turn to their own kind of specialist and this is where the truck accident attorneys come in.

They form their own defense based on expert opinion and understanding of such cases all in a bid to win the suit for their client, the accident victim. A truck accident attorney is necessary to identify faults by the driver or trucking company that could have caused the accident, and to use that to your defense. These may include:

  1. Driver intoxication while driving
  2. Driver exceeding the speed limit
  3. Weight load exceeding its limit
  4. Exhausted driver and other types of negligent driving
  5. Failure of the truck company to maintain their vehicle leading to failure
  6. Truck mishaps brought about by tweaking the truck among others

How to find a great truck accident attorney

When looking for compensation against damages in a truck accident, you need to find a lawyer that is unrivaled in the field; otherwise, you will lose the case. That means that you have to hire one based on certain criteria that will guide your choice and decision.

  • Experience

When hiring any professionals, experience is a key factor of consideration. You need to hire an attorney who understands the court process and who has had enough practice when it comes to truck accident lawsuits. This will ensure that you are not stuck with an attorney who is only just beginning in the field and who does not have a clear understanding of the process.

  • State law expertise

Each truck accident attorney, is based out of a certain state. Each state has a number of laws that are different from other states. It is therefore, important that you find an attorney from the state where the accident happened. This ensures that the attorney has great understanding of state law and knows all the loops in the law, which could help you win the case.

  • Great track record

Would you rather be defended by an attorney with more losses that wins, or one with more wins than losses? When looking for your truck accident attorney, you should always consider the attorney’s record of accomplishment and use it as a basis for either hiring the attorney or not. Even then however, keep in mind that it is nearly impossible to find an experienced attorney who has never lost a case. Gauge your choice by the years of experience and number of wins.

Let us assume that for instance, you find one attorney who has 15 years in the field and has had 330 cases in total. Of this, she has won 200 and lost 130. Then you find another attorney with 5 years in the field and 50 cases. Of this, she has won 48 and lost 2. The better option here would be to go with the one who has more experience in the field even though she has more losses in comparison to the other.

  • Recommendation

This is a great way to get a great truck accident attorney without much struggle and effort. Of all your friends and relatives, there has to be at least one who even though not directly, knows a great truck accident attorney. So you should ask around. Keep in mind however, that not all recommendations are great and you should not just discard your own criteria. If you get a good recommendation, check the attorney against the criteria and if he/she passes the test, hire that attorney. If not, do not hire that attorney.

  • Great expert witness connections

Many cases involving truck accidents, rely on expert witnesses to win the case. These are individuals in different specialist field who are called upon to give expert opinions based on the facts to show whether the truck driver or company, had a fault on their part. Your attorney of choice, has to know which expert to call upon at what time and the kind of testimony that can be expected. The attorney should then know how to use that testimony in your favor to win the case.


Are you there!

A truck accident attorney could help you seek justice against the faults of either the truck driver or the truck company. It is therefore necessary that you find one who is not only qualified, but also experienced with such cases.

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