Top 3 Injuries From Motorcycle Injuries

Top 3 Injuries From Motorcycle Injuries

Operating a motorcycle requires just as much skill and precision as operating a car. That is why it is important for motorcycle riders to drive defensively and look out for all of the other vehicles on the road. However, many motorcycle riders who exercise caution while they are on the road still get into an accident. Some of these people also suffer serious injuries. Below are three of the most common motorcycle injuries:

Head Injury

A head injury can potentially be life-threatening. Fortunately, people who wear helmets can greatly reduce their risk of suffering a serious head injury. In fact, some studies suggest that wearing a helmet can cut the risk of a head injury by anywhere from 40 to 50 percent. Wearing a helmet can also reduce the overall chance of dying in a motorcycle accident by 29 to 35 percent.

Even though head injuries can sometimes be mild, anyone who has suffered a head injury after getting into a motorcycle accident should consult with a physician. In some cases, the symptoms of a head injury do not show up until several weeks after it occurs.

Road Rash

Many riders make contact with the ground after an accident. One of the best things that can be done to prevent road rash is to wear the proper protective clothing. Motorcycle pants, gloves and riding boots are examples of protective clothing that can protect you from road rash.

Road rash is a type of skin abrasion. It can range from mild to severe. Doctors classify road rash as being first degree, second degree or third degree. First degree road rashes only cause skin rashes. A second degree road rash will break the skin, but the inner layers of the skin will remain intact. A third degree road rash exposes the fat and tissue underneath the skin. It requires urgent medical care.

Muscle Damage

Muscle damage can affect any part of the body. In many cases, people who are involved in a motorcycle accidents suffer permanent muscle damage. Pain, tenderness and weakness are some of the signs of muscle damage. Wearing the proper protective gear can greatly reduce the chance of muscle damage.

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