The role of a Motorcycle accident lawyer in Atlanta when there is no insurance

As a motorcycle rider, most people owing to their skill level do not think of how risky it is to ride on a motorbike. The fact that the rider’s entire body is exposed at the time of riding puts them at a risk 26 times higher than that of other road users. Unfortunately, drivers of motor vehicles are leading in violation of traffic rules which lead to motorcycle accidents. While causes such as loss of control at high speeds and obstruction in bad weather put a motorcycle rider at high risk of injury or even death, there are still factors such as faulty bike mechanisms and carelessness. The first step before getting onto a motorcycle on a busy highway is to be aware of the safety risks, polish up on the skills and ensure that you are well equipped on what to do when an accident happens.

Wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle is very important but when another road user causes an accident then the victim must be compensated according to cases prosecuted by motorcycle accident lawyers in Atlanta. So, what will happen; helmet or not if the guilty party does not have insurance?

In a report published by the Insurance Research Council, it is estimated that 13% of all motorists are on the road without an active insurance cover. This number, added to the number of people who have inadequate insurance make the legal process of following up on claims such an uphill task. It is definitely hard under such circumstances to follow up on settlements as an individual and that is why an attorney should be involved from the onset. Apart from the legal expertise and approach utilized to seek compensation from insurance companies, a skilled attorney will also come handy in recovering claims when no insurance cover exists.

Judging by the small number of motorcycle accidents caused by motorcycle riders themselves compared to other road users, it is important for riders to be aware of their rights in case of an accident. Skeptics will often prefer to stay away from riding altogether but it is not that simple especially for those who have embraced riding as a means of transport. Riding a bike offers immense freedom in areas where there is heavy traffic and small roads that it is not just worth giving up for an irresponsible road user. One line of defense against an uninsured road user who causes an accident is to update your own cover such that medical costs and other expenses following an accident will be catered for.

Different insurance companies offer different products and without legal understanding, the process of selecting one that suits your needs can be confusing. The moment you make up your mind to be on that motorcycle is the moment you should engage a lawyer;

They will help you simplify the legal terminology used in the policy document and weigh the benefits you stand to gain and what you are not entitled to. Since most insurance companies will only provide enough information to entice you into buying a policy, you need someone to be on your side to provide unbiased information.

A lawyer is driven by the interest of their clients and if the agreement is such that they contract is on a contingency basis as most personal injury cases are, they only get paid when their client has been compensated. Did you know that insurance is not the only source of compensation settlement? A lack of insurance may be taken by most people to mean that the victim will not be compensated but that cannot be further from the truth. Under the guidance of an experienced lawyer, assets can be liquidated to facilitate compensation.

Why would a driver forego insurance in full knowledge of the everyday risk involved with driving? Forgetfulness, neglect or mere assumption of being careful are some of the reasons that drivers without insurance at the time of an accident give. It is not your place as the accident victim to claim insurance but very important to get the contacts of the other road user. This will be the key your attorney will use to track their assets and any efforts to liquidate or file for bankruptcy to avoid payment of settlements.

An experienced attorney should be able to instantly analyze the dynamics of a case even before the step to file a lawsuit can be taken. While the result in any case taken to court is for settlement to be awarded, motorcycle accidents have been known to occur as a result of bad roads, unfriendly weather, or condition caused by another road user who did not end up as part of the accident. The sooner a lawyer reconstructs the events leading up to an accident, the more accurate the case will be, saving the victims, law firm and courts time at the prosecution.