Rebuilding life after being in a motorcycle accident

The nature of a motorcycle accident is such that it can cause serious psychological trauma to an individual. Since the physical injuries are directly inflicted, it may take a while for victims to feel confident of being on a motorcycle again. While a motorcycle accident lawyer will not take away your worry of riding again, they can make the process of getting back on your feel less stressful and manageable. As the feelings of gratitude for being alive after an accident set in, it is also important to pursue justice for your affliction.

It may take some time before the investigation report is out and if you are found to have been a victim of someone else’s negligence, the law will be used in your favor. All leading motorcycle accident lawyers thrive on the satisfaction of their clients; most of the circumstances you will find yourself in after an accident can be compensated with the help of an attorney. With years of experience and exposure to various types of accident situations, a legal team is best suited to offer advice and follow up on settlement proceedings.

There is nothing that can be done to take back the outcome of a motorcycle accident, but with a competent professional behind you, life after the accident is worth living. Apart from providing sufficient evidence in a court of law to establish the innocence of their clients, motorcycle accident lawyers also sue for damages. Depending on the nature of injuries you suffer, it may be hard to come to terms with the fact that the future will not be as you had planned.

This uncertainty is however uncalled for if you shopped for a competent legal practitioner. Victims will at times feel awkward about asking for money from their offenders, but it is important to realize that the law has provision for that. Furthermore, you too have a right to a comfortable life after injury. This is what you should be compensated for;

  1. Medical bills – when you wake up in a hospital bed and realize that you are severely injured, the first though at that point is where finances for offsetting the bill will come from. Good for you if you already have health insurance but for those who for some reason do not or the bill exceeds the limit, only a motorcycle accident lawyer can redeem the situation. For a court to award this in full the attorney must produce a doctor’s report indicating the need for testing and intervention based on the nature of injuries sustained.
  2. Lost wages – if you had not been involved in a motorcycle accident that caused you to be incapacitated to whatever level, then you would be going about your normal routine of earning a living. It is therefore, your right to be compensated for any loss of time that you would have otherwise used to make a living. Among the hours that need to be paid for are time you take off from work to attend a doctor’s appointment, time away from work to attend physical therapy or counseling sessions and time banks that are being depleted from your work calendar (like annual leave and sick off days).
  3. Pain and anguish – it is pretty straightforward to quantify the amount of compensation required for lost time at work and medical expenses but emotional suffering is not easy to quantify leave alone describe. A motorcycle accident attorney will definitely have you sue for the emotional turmoil you underwent as a result of an accident, but it will be up to the jury or judge to decide on the amount. While there is no formula to be used to arrive at compensation for suffering, a seasoned attorney, based on settlements awarded to similar cases, will come up with a range of the type and extent of pain experienced.
  4. Punitive damages – awarding of compensation for punitive damages will only be done if there was intentional effort to cause harm in the first place. If the offender was ignorant of traffic rules or simply neglected their responsibility as a road user, there may not be enough ground for punitive damages. However, if the driver was drunk, they may have to compensate you for their actions. It must be understood that punitive damages, regardless of how substantial they are, are not awarded to cover for medical expenses and inconvenience. They are awarded by a court of law as punishment to the offender.

There are many reasons why you should involve a motorcycle accident lawyer when you have been involved in an accident. Especially when you are the victim, there is a lot to gain from having a professional on your side. Many legal practitioners nowadays will assess a case before they take it and with proper guidance you will be paid for the misfortune that befell you.

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