Possible ways of reducing truck accidents in Atlanta

There has been an increase in the number of Accidents in Atlanta and Georgia as a whole over the last three years. Statistics show that over 1300 drivers are involved in some form of a car accident in the region. A good number of these accidents are truck accidents.

According to Georgia Department of Transport, over 105,250 pickup trucks had an accident between 2015 and 2016, a third of which happened in Atlanta. In the same period, there were over 13,200 tractor trailer accidents, 7,800 single unit truck accidents and over 2100 panel truck accidents in the region. Atlanta accounted for about 25 percent of all the accidents. At this rate, there has been an outcry for the authorities and truck drivers to find ways of dealing with the road carnage.

What are some of the leading causes of fatal truck crashes in Atlanta Georgia?

Driver losing control of the vehicle 

There have been several trucks that have lost control on the road and rampaged onto crowds of people, oncoming vehicles, and building.

Distracted driving 

Several truck drivers have been charged for using mobile phones on the road. Mobile phones make the driver unable to concentrate on the road and may hit moving, stationary objects or bumps.

Unsafe speed 

Unsafe driving speeds are often reported on the highways. In a rush to get to the destination on time, most truck drivers tend to over speed. A number complain that they are given very short timeless to deliver goods to their employers

Slippery roads due to wet weather 

Wet weather from rains and snowing causes about ten percent of the total truck accidents in Atlanta. Most truck drivers do not take extra precautions to avoid skidding and losing control of the truck especially downhill and at road corners.

Driving under influence

Georgia has very tough rules on DUI. However, a few truck drivers, especially those that drive at night have been arrested for driving under medication or alcohol.

Disregarding road signs

This is also a leading cause of accidents in Atlanta and the USA as a whole. Several cases of road users disregarding the road signs have led to fatal accidents. The pedestrians are the greatest culprits in this case. However, some truck drivers also fail to follow speed limits, stop at intersections, or give way to other road users that have the right of way.


It has been proven that several truck drivers, especially those that are involved in interstate transport, do not get enough time to rest. Some of the fatal truck accidents have been caused by sleepy drivers or drivers whose minds are wandering off the road.

How can the truck accidents be reduced in Atlanta

There are several ways that truck accidents can be reduced in Atlanta and the whole of Georgia. Below are some suggestions

Use of telematics  

Data has proven to be of great help in business and planning. It can also be used to prevent truck accidents. Telematics involves collecting truck driving data, the behavior of the driver on the road and the condition of the truck, transmitting t to a data center and coming up with recommendations for the truck driver in real-time.

Data is collected from the truck’s onboard diagnostic system, sensors and cameras strategically placed in the truck. The feedback can be in the form of warning the driver of a problem such as low tire pressure, asking the driver to slow down or warning them that they are wondering off the road. This helps eliminate human error, which causes most of the accidents.

 Continued training of the truck drivers

It is important that transport and other companies that own a fleet of trucks to take their drivers through regular training on safety and any road regulation changes. Unfortunately, most companies have not set a budget for this.

Proper schedule planning

Fatigue is also a great problem when it comes to making decisions on the road. Sleepy and fatigued drivers have their minds clouded and have slow response time. This causes an increase in human error. As many companies introduce overnight delivery, they should also increase their driving workforce to avoid overworking the few they have.

The law on truck sizes

The current federal law allows 28-foot tractor tailors but does not permit the 33-foot trailers on the roads. Some of the laws that have been proposed are to allow the 33-foot trailers on the road. The proponents of the bill claim that addition truck space will reduce the number of trucks on the road. However, those opposing the law claim that it has no effect on the reduction of trucks on the road or accidents related to truck driving.

If proper measures are put in place, the number of truck accidents in Atlanta can greatly reduce. However, all the stakeholders must be committed to dealing with the problem.

Moreover, the public as a whole requires being taught on personal safety and effects of disregarding the road signs. Over 80 percent of the accidents are due to ignorance or disregard of the traffic law.