Motorcycle accident attorney in Atlanta

Ever wondered why motorcycle riders go out on the road even after witnessing the many grisly scenes involving their own kind. Well, it takes one who has lived through the experience to understand what an almost near addiction riding is. Apart from the freedom that comes with cruising through the wind like a bird, riders get to their destinations faster because of their ability to maneuver through traffic. That said, being involved in a motorcycle accident is any rider’s worst nightmare. One can take precautions by wearing protective gear as well as equipping with knowledge of the likely major injuries;


1.) Head Injury

The head is the engine if the body and perhaps the reason most motorcycles are sold with a basic helmet. Beyond the hard casing which is the skull, there is the brain which by all views is delicate. The brain is supposed to be encased in the skull at all times, and a head fracture is, therefore, an emergency case. Even with a helmet, concussions are common, and the extent of impact on the head determines the level of injury. There is a common misconception that protection is unnecessary when on short distance rides. Even if the best motorcycle accident attorney in Atlanta were to pursue damages for head injury, there would not be much benefit to the victim if they became incapacitated as a result of not wearing a helmet.


2.) Road Rash

When your skid over pavement or any hard ground following an accident, the kind of injury you sustain is what is referred to as road rash. The injury may appear minor by virtue of the fact that all bones are intact, but the result could be a severe infection, nerve damage or skin irritation. Any case of road rash needs to be professionally assessed, cleaned, and treated. You can reduce the severity of this type of injury by wearing leather attire, gloves, and kneepads.


3.) Muscle Damage

Any accident involves some level of muscle contraction, and in the event that a muscle undergoes an instantaneous jerk, there is no telling how well it stretches back to normal. To get a picture of the extent of muscle damage in an accident, imagine the feeling in the muscles the day after a strenuous workout. Normally, as the muscles relax, the pain goes away, and body function is restored. The opposite happens in the case of muscle damage; overstretched muscles could become paralyzed or constantly in pain. Injured muscles should be treated immediately and extent of damage analyzed.


4.) Biker’s Arm

This condition is a bit hard to control because the incidents leading to it are instinct-driven. As opposed to a motor vehicle scenario where the movement of an individual is controlled by the seatbelts or outer structure of a vehicle, in a motorcycle accident, the rider is rendered in flying motion of the motorcycle. To guard themselves against environmental factors around them, a rider will automatically use the arms as landing gear or protective shield for other parts of the body. Since the greatest impact of the fall will be on the hands, the rider is at risk of suffering from nerve damage in the arms. The level of damage could be up to the upper body depending on the severity of the accident. Gear available for protection against biker’s arm in the event of an accident are jackets and elbow pads.


5.) Leg Injury

The entire body of a motorcyclist is exposed, and so the reality of severe injury to any part of the body is no exaggeration. Due to the role and position of the rider’s legs during movement, most motorcycle accidents end up in fractures or permanent disability. Some of the most common injuries that affect the lower extremities are shattered or fractured bones or knees, scrapes, large cuts, or road rash as a result of skidding. Protective gear such as long leather pants, riding boots, and knee pads are important and so is safe riding.


As a rider, you determine the success of any ride to a large extent even though other road users may make mistakes that could potentially harm you. While it is important to take personal responsibility for your safety, the initial moments following an accident will determine how fast you recover, the quality of life after and legal redress you receive for other people’s carelessness. So, how does one behave right after a motorcycle accident? Regardless of how minor you think an accident is, go to a hospital to have it checked. If you must ride alone, have the contacts of your doctor, motorcycle accident attorney in Atlanta and family handy just in case someone has to make the calls for you. Riding your motorbike should be fun and with a great support system, there is no reason to be afraid.