How a Motorcycle Injury Attorney Can Help You Get Back on Your Feet

According to a report that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (also known as NHTSA) published, more than 4,950 people died in the United States from motorcycle accidents in 2015. During the same period over 88,000 motorcyclists suffered various types of injuries from the accidents. Safety while riding a motorcycle is crucial just as it is with any other type of vehicle. When you’re involved in one, you should contact your motorcycle injury attorney fast.

When to Hire an Attorney

One of the issues you have to contend with is when to hire a motorcycle attorney. Do you need an attorney for all types of motorcycle accidents? For example, when a fellow road user forces you into the nearby shrubs, must you get an attorney? These questions are valid for many reasons. Some injuries are nothing more than skin scratches. The answer to this question is you should hire an attorney if the injury requires medical treatment and involvement of your insurer.

Now that your question is answered, the next issue to consider is that of risks you face. It’s important for a motorcyclist to know the risks faced when riding the motorcycle on any road. Motorcyclists face dangers that are unique to them and not shared with automobile drivers or any other type of motorist. Unlike car drivers, motorcyclists have no barrier of any kind standing between the road and the motorcycle they ride.

Other dangers motorcyclists commonly face while on the road include:

  • 75% of the time, accidents happen when the drivers of other vehicles violate the motorcyclists right of way
  • the number of people dying from a motorcycle crash compared to those who ride on passenger cars is 26:1
  • cyclists are five times more likely to suffer an injury compared to those riding passenger cars
  • the fatalities from motorcycle accidents have increased 100% from 1999 to date as those for drivers and passengers in light trucks and automobiles steadily fall during the same period

Fight for Compensation and Justice

In fact, injuries from motorcycle accidents happen almost daily. Now, hiring an attorney will not solve all your problems. It, however, will give you a much higher chance of getting the compensation and justice you deserve. It’s hard for you to take on any other motorist on your own without legal help. Nobody has the right to deny you right of way simply because you ride a motorcycle. The attorney guarantees your right to ride on any road.

Whether the injuries are severe or mild isn’t an issue. The issue here is ensuring that you receive the care and attention you need. The attorney ensures you get compensated financially for the period you will be nursing your injuries, thus unable to work. The attorney ensures that your family doesn’t have to endure financial hardships just because an injury has rendered you incapable of working.

Apart from helping you to get the financial compensation you deserve, the attorney also assists you to find justice. When the accident leads to not only personal injuries but also the death of anyone (especially that of a loved one), you will need the attorney to prove the other party was in the wrong. Even if you’re the one in the wrong, the lawyer will still fight to help you get a reduced sentence. The attorney works for you whether you’re the plaintiff or defendant.

Protection against Lifetime Consequences and Expenses

The attorney offers a shield of protection. He also guarantees that life doesn’t come to a standstill abruptly thus leaving you hopeless. Some injuries, such as the scratch on the skin mentioned above or a broken limb, are easier to notice. However, other types of injuries are less visible. The fact that you cannot see any physical injury on your body doesn’t mean an attorney isn’t needed. The worst types of injuries include brain and spinal damages, which often lead to:

  1. coma
  2. paralysis
  3. amnesia
  4. depression
  5. confusion
  6. loss of senses
  7. changes to your personality

As a victim of an undiagnosed brain injury, you might find yourself losing all interest in some the activities you once found enjoyable to do. In some cases, you might begin behaving erratically thus destroying your interpersonal relationships. It’s important to seek a doctor to help you through these conditions. Importantly, you also need to partner with a reliable motorcycle injury attorney to help you wage a successful war for compensation and justice.

Do not forget that some of the motorcycle injuries could affect you permanently. Some of these injuries will render you unemployable for the foreseeable future, if not for the rest of your life. The injuries could hit your family hard financially, emotionally and socially. Make the situation a bit easier for everybody by hiring a motorcycle injury attorney as soon as possible. In fact, call the attorney as soon as possible to ensure the wheels of justice begin rolling.