Everything You Need to Know before Hiring the Right Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney

Workplace related accidents are more common these days than you think. Did you know that work-related injuries cost companies and insurance firms more than a whopping $25 billion every year? But, that’s nothing compared to wrongful deaths, severe injuries, loss of income, disabilities, and medical costs that follow the aftermath of workplace accidents.

As if getting injured on the job isn’t worse enough, insurance companies often want to make sure that you get the littlest possible compensation for your injuries and losses. That is why it is crucial to hire the best Atlanta workers compensation attorney to help you get the most compensation and make sure the whole process is effortlessly easy for you.

The trouble is that not all workers compensation lawyers are created equal. Read on to learn tips on how to zero in on a top-notch Atlanta workers compensation attorney who’ll get the job done right.

First Things First: What are the Common Causes of Work-Related Injuries?

Most workplaces are hotspots for injuries — improperly maintained vehicles, faulty elevators, slippery floors, poorly proofed machinery, and so forth. Here’s a list of five most common causes of being injured at the job:

1) Overexertion

This category encompasses injuries sustained due to pushing, lifting, pulling, carrying, holding or throwing items at the workplace. They account for close to 25% of reported workplace injuries in Atlanta. Oftentimes that means the company has failed to invest in ergonomic equipment or give workers required breaks.

2) Falls (to a lower level)

This category involves a worker falling or slipping to a level below the working or walking surface. Most tragically, these types of accidents lead to more severe injuries or even death. What’s more — falls to lower level account for nearly 9 percent of total workplace injury in Atlanta.

If the employer fails to install toe-boards, guardrails, safety nets, handrails, and stair railings, such falls can become quite rampant. If this happens to you or someone you know, you need to speak with an experienced Atlanta workers compensation attorney immediately.

3) Slip and Falls [the same level]

Get this: only 5% of workplace-related incidents happened on the freeways, but more than 25 percent occur due to slip and falls at work. That’s right; slip and falls account for over 300,000 serious injuries and further 1,400 deaths every year. It’s no wonder about 15-20% of all workers compensation cases are directly or indirectly related to slip and fall accidents.

4) Truck Accidents

Nearly 1,000 truck drivers lose their lives on Atlanta freeways. Most of the accidents are due to poor maintenance of vehicles, long service hours (driver fatigue), improper loading of trucks, and distraction, just to name a few.

5) Struck by an Equipment/Object at Work

Struck-by-object accidents are the leading causes of workplace deaths in Atlanta, and account for 8.6% of all reported injuries. These incidents often happen when someone is struck by equipment or objects that are flying, falling, rolling or swinging. Lack of protective gear (face shields, goggles, hard hats, etc) makes these accidents even worse.

What Compensations are Injured Workers Entitled To?

Workplace accidents can cause severe head & neck injuries, back injuries, spinal cord injuries, hernia, foot & knee injuries, shoulder injuries, and a raft of other debilitating injuries. Georgia’s Workers’ Compensation laws, however, protect employers against workplace accident-related lawsuits. On the upside, if you or your loved one is injured while at work, you are guaranteed compensation for:

  • Wrongful death/ death benefits
  • Temporary partial disability
  • Medical expense benefits
  • Temporary Total Disability
  • Permanent Partial Disability
  • Lost wages benefits

Who’s an Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney?

An experienced Atlanta workers compensation attorney represents those who are injured at the job. The professional will assist you in filing for the claims and making sure that you receive monetary compensation for treatment, wrongful death, loss of income, and other unforeseen expenses.

Why Hire an Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney?

  • The attorney knows the ins and out of workers compensation, and will help you avoid all the hoodoo and tactics of insurance adjusters.
  • The Atlanta workers compensation attorney is the expert in Georgia workers compensation laws.
  • Has a working relationship with top-notch medical facilities and professionals
  • Will leverage expertise and connection to make sure that you get the maximum claim settlement value.

What Makes for a Great Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney?

Experience: most workers compensation claims are often thrown out because of the inexperience of the lawyer. That’s why it pays to have a highly experienced and knowledgeable Atlanta workers compensation attorney on your side.

No-Obligation Consultation: the attorney should offer you a free initial consultation to determine if legal action is the best route.

Reputation: You’re dealing with sneaky insurance companies, and even a little smudge on your attorney can belittle your case.

Still need help? Reach out to the best Atlanta workers compensation attorney today.