Do I need to hire a workers’ comp attorney Atlanta?

If you have suffered illness or injury because of your work, the decision to hire an attorney depends on the severity of your condition as well as the cooperation from the management. In most cases, the company and the insurance company will be looking to reduce the amount it pays for your condition, which might be lower than what you deserve.

When is it okay representing yourself?

  • If you did not have a pre-existing condition
  • The employer admits that injury indeed happened
  • There was no work missed due to the injury
  • You suffered a minor injury

However, even in these areas, it is good to consult a workers’ comp lawyer for advice. He or she will walk you through the process and help you evade the pitfalls that may be on the way.

When do you need workers’ comp Attorney Atlanta?

There moment the processing of your compensation meet complexities and difficulties, you should hire an attorney. Here are some of the most common scenarios

  1. The employer fails to honor your claim, or there is delay in processing your benefits

It is a common thing to find insurers and employers rejecting claims by sick or injured employees. Unfortunately, a large number of employees let it go without repealing the decision. Should you ever encounter such a situation, seek the help of a workers’ comp lawyer to help push for what is rightfully yours. Most of the workers’ comp lawyers do not charge anything upfront. Therefore, you can still get help even when you are not sure whether you will be compensated.

  1. The settlement offered does not cover all the lost wages and other bills

Is the amount offered to your fair enough? If you are not sure that the amount offered will be enough for your medical care and the time lost recuperating, seek the help of a workers’ comp lawyer. Having the agreement signed by the judge does not mean that it is good enough for you.

  1. The medical issues or injuries you encountered prevents you from either return to the previous job or working at all

You encountered injuries or illness that caused permanent partial disability or total disability that is permanent, you may be a candidate for a lifetime weekly payments or get the compensation in a lump sum to cater for the lost wages. Since the payments are expensive for the insurance companies, they look for all loopholes to avoid paying the amounts. Do not let the chance go to waste, seek the help of a workers’ comp lawyer to get the best possible settlement.

  1. You are receiving Social Security disability benefits

If your settlement is not well-structured, the Social Security may be going away with most of the benefits from your disability payments. With the help of an experienced workers’ comp lawyer, you can redraft the agreement to eliminate the offset. It is even better where a lawyer is drafting the original agreement.

  1. The top management turns against you for filing the claim

If the boss fires you, demotes you, reduces your pay or makes you work for fewer hours, or engages in any other form of discrimination just because you filled the workers’ comp claim, hire a lawyer right away.

  1. Problem with the physician

If the physician has been approved by the employer and wants you to back to the workplace before you are well or fill inaccurate information about your illness, you need help to get the correct health information and be allowed to heal fully.

  1. There is a potential third party claim

The workers’ comp compensation system is made to take care of cases that are determined from the civil torts. However, nothing stops you from seeking legal redress for negligence if it contributed to the injury. In most cases, the settlement for civil damages is higher than that of the workers’ comp because they consider the harm that is not economically tied such as suffering and pain. An attorney can help you with legal advice on how to file a third-party lawsuit.

  1. You had significant pre-existing disabilities

Some disabilities or conditions are made worse by injury or work-related illness. However, the employer may want to use your pre-existing condition to prove that you do not deserve any compensation or should get less. If in such a case, seek the help of a workers’ comp lawyer to assist in ratifying the agreement or seeking legal redress.

After ensuring that you have filled all the necessary documents as they should, your attorney will piece together medical evidence to show that you were indeed hurt to the point that you need a significant amount of compensation. This is the way to go y to increase your workers’ comp payments.

The Workers’ Compensation program was made to protect the rights and covered the needs of the workers. However, as it is now today, employers and insurers have found a way to twist the legislations to their benefit. A qualified workers’ comp attorney in Atlanta can twist the scales for you.