Damages: How Much Is Your Atlanta Car Accident Case Worth?

Every year, Georgia Department of Transport release startling statistics on the state of our roads. The trouble is that Georgian roads are more dangerous than ever but not much is said on how to bring down this numbers. Get this: last year (2017), GDOT reported that there were 300,043 traffic accidents in Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia. What’s more glaring is that these car accidents led to more than a whopping 100,000 personal injuries, with 1,700 people losing their lives. These stats are numbers until you or someone you know is involved.

With that said, if you or your loved one has sustained personal injuries or lost someone in a car accident, you will be relieved to know that you may be entitled to compensation. More importantly, you need to get in touch with an experienced car accident lawyer in Atlanta for a thorough evaluation of your case. The initial consultation, complete with a top-down review of your case, comes at no cost to you.

The bigger question, however, is: how much is a car accident case in Atlanta worth? What types of compensatory damages are you entitled to? That’s where a reputable car accident lawyer in Atlanta can come in handy.

In this explainer article, we are going to walk you through different kinds of compensation available in a car accident lawsuit. We’ll cover primarily compensatory damages.

Evaluating your Atlanta Car Accident Lawsuit

If you are thinking of filing a wrongful death or a personal injury case over a car accident in Atlanta, the chances are that you’re wondering: what’s my lawsuit really worth? The answer often boils down to “damages” you incurred as a result of the car accident. It’s all about determining what the wrongful death or personal injuries have cost you physically, economically, emotionally, and mentally.

In a wrongful death case, the monetary damages are often paid to the surviving spouse or dependants by the company or individual who is determined to be legally responsible for the Atlanta car accident. What’s more, a good car accident lawyer in Atlanta can help you pursue the most damage award from the defendant or their insurance company. Read on to learn more about different types of damages that are often associated with a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit over a car accident.

Compensatory Damages

Most car accident lawsuits are classified as “compensatory,” implying that they’re meant to compensate the plaintiffs to make up for what they lost due to the car accident or resulting personal injuries. To put it otherwise, the compensatory damages are awarded to the injured plaintiff or their dependents to make them “whole again” from a monetary standpoint. An excellent car accident lawyer in Atlanta can help negotiate for the biggest dollar figure.

It’s usually easy to put a monetary value on certain ‘damages’ like medical bills, property damage, etc, but quantifying suffering or pain in terms of monetary value is another story. That’s why it pays to have a skilled car accident lawyer Atlanta by your side. He or she will leverage years of experience and expert law knowledge to make sure that you get the largest compensatory damage award possible.

If you are pursuing a personal injury case after a car accident, here are the most common types of compensatory damages to consider:

  1. a) Income: You’re also entitled to compensation for the impact the car accident had on your wages and salary. It is not just lost income, but also the money you’d have made in the future, however, not possible due to personal injury. This is often based on your loss of earning capacity.
  2. b) Medical Treat represents the medical treatments costs due to a car accident and includes money you’ll need for future treatment of the injuries.
  3. c) Property Loss: if your clothing, vehicle, and other valuable items were damaged in the incident, the car accident lawyer Atlanta will help you get the most reimbursement for things like repairs or replacement.
  4. d) Suffering and Pain: you’re also entitled to compensation for pain, suffering, and severe discomfort as a result of the accident. It might be tricky to place a money value for pain, but a good car accident lawyer in Atlanta will make the whole process easy.
  5. e) Loss of Enjoyment: did the accident or resulting injuries hamper your ability to enjoy everyday enjoyments like exercising, hobbies, and recreational activities? If yes, you may be entitled to a compensation to that effect.
  6. f) Loss of consortium: this implies to distress in your marriage or relationship as a result of injuries. Inability to maintain sexual relations and loss of companionship are good examples of these damages.
  7. g) Emotional Distress: You may be entitled to compensation for damages as a result of the psychological impact of the car accident.

Other types of damages include punitive damages and nominal damages (covers the legal costs).

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