Best practice as a motorcycle rider in Atlanta

If you have ever been on a motorbike, either as a rider or passenger, then you can relate to the thrill of wind blowing over your body and the hum of wheels on the road. This plus the convenience of evading traffic could be the reason for the increased number of motorbikes in Georgia recorded over the past three years. The position of a motorbike rider is quite unique because they not only need to be fully alert to balance on two wheels but they must manually maneuver through the elements. According to statistics, the rise in the number of motorbike users is equally proportional to the number of road accidents that involve motorbikes. Some government reports in the US state that motorcyclists are about 26 times more likely to die in an accident which is five times more than injury to a car occupant. Schools, military facilities, and civic clubs are among organizations that have taken up public education on motorbike safety.

To support their efforts, the state of Georgia has commissioned motorcycle safety awareness opportunities in Atlanta. Education through sight has been quite effective in ensuring the safety of all road users and road safety official seems to be capitalizing on this idea. It is important as a motorbike rider to know what hazards lie in wait on the road; this way, looking out for oneself becomes practical. Expect the following problems on the road when riding your motorbike;

– A motorbike is relatively invisible in comparison to other modes of transportation used on the road. The size of a standard motorbike is by far shorter than a small car in both length and height. This is the reason for the approximately 70 percent of motorcycle-versus-vehicle collisions happening at intersections.

– The reaction time for a motorbike rider to road hazards, although faster can cause a great deal of damage. Oil slicks, potholes, debris and even uneven pavements may be minor irritations for an automobile but not for a motorcycle. The surface area of the motorcycle that is affected in such cases is big enough to cause the rider to lose control.

– Speeding accidents are bound to occur with a motorcycle whose wheels are misaligned. At high speeds, most motorbike brands begin to shake at the front end. This shaking or wobbling in most cases causes anxiety on the part of the rider and an accident may result. Although such accidents might be handled as product malfunction to hold the manufacturer accountable, injury or loss of life can never be reversed.

– Any piece of automated equipment requires some level of skill to operate and as with factory machinery, the more skilled a user is the less likely they will make mistakes with its operation. To be a successful and safe rider, one requires familiarity with routes in addition to physical coordination. Basic riding skills are therefore not enough to warrant one to take a motorbike onto the road.

Now that you know what is important before you get to the road, here is what you need as you ride the bike;

a) A helmet – as a rider or passenger, you are required by the Atlanta road safety authority to wear a helmet. A helmet is not body armor therefore many other parts of the body are prone to injury on impact or from a fall. Head injury is considered fatal in many instances and many who suffer an injury to the head as a result of an accident either become incapacitated or do not survive. A helmet could be the difference between life and death and should be worn every time one is riding a motorbike.

b) Safety gear – it is normal to want to wear clothes suitable for the current weather but biking rules do not apply. On a hot Atlanta day, for instance, leather will provide the best cover from wind and possible injury. The more layers of clothing you have on you, the softer the landing you will have in case of a fall.

All motorcycle trips have the potential to be fatal and in many instances, riders are encouraged to be vigilant in ensuring their safety and that of others. If you get injured in a motorcycle accident as a resident of Atlanta, there is hope for the future. If you are the victim, you are entitled to compensation for lost wages, injuries and even benefits to your family in case you are incapacitated. A motorcycle injury attorney conversant with Atlanta laws should be your first stop for guidance and assessment of your case.


Factors to consider when selecting motorcycle accident attorney in Atlanta

  • Specialization

As the field of law is extensive, you cannot just select any lawyer to fight for your personal injuries in motorcycle accidents.

  • Experience

Before capitalizing on any law firm in Atlanta, check to see their experience in their field of motorcycle accidents.

  • Costs

Before selecting a motorcycle accident law firm, check to see whether they meet your budget.

  • Individualized attention

Select an attorney you can have a long-term association with, for this reason, you will have to find one who is selfless and cares more about their clients.



As motorcycles are one of the leading causes of sudden death and injuries on motor vehicles accidents, hiring the services of a personal injury attorney is the best way to ensure you are compensated. Personal injury lawyers will investigate the causal factors of your accident in a way you probably couldn’t. They will find grounds for filing a lawsuit against any parties involved in your accident and liaise with you or advise you on what settlement terms are good for you.
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