Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you were riding a motorcycle before getting involved in a road mishap, it might be best for you to consider hiring the services of a motorcycle accident attorney. During the investigation into the accident, there are special considerations regarding the two-wheeled motor vehicle that might be taken into consideration.

Motorcycle accidents are the for the most part causes of sudden death for many people in America today. Some accidents are caused by mechanical failure while irresponsibility causes others. Whatever the reason for the accident, these types of accidents have cost millions of lives across the country.

For most accidents, negligence on the part of either of the two motorists involved in the accident is found to be the cause. So as to avoid charges, a settlement will usually take place allowing the negligent driver to avoid facing charges.

During investigations into the accident, and subsequent trials, evidence will be needed to determine which party was responsible for the accident. The attorney will be in charge ofcollecting the evidence as well as investigating the people involved in the crash. These are lawyers that have studied law and have gone on to become experts in car and motorcycle accidents.

A reputable motorcycle accident lawyer will have passed all the licensing examinations as required by the state. Personal injury lawyers can also be considered as motorcycle accident lawyers because they all handle cases that are related to accidents.

In many cases, this lawyer may need to partner with another lawyer, especially in crime cases. Depending on the accident outcome, they can choose to work alone, or partner with the crime lawyers. Your motorcycle accident attorney will need to investigate both sides, including insurance coverage as it can help in achieving a positive result in the case that is being prepared.

If one of the parties involved in your motorcycle accident was an organization or a big company, it might end up being a really big task for your lawyer. First, the attorney will need to prove that you are the victim and that the other party caused negligence that led to the accident. In this particular stage, your lawyer will need to not only collect evidence, but also check into the background of the company involved in the accident as this can help in winning your case.

Strengthening Your Motorcycle Accident Case

Motorcycle accident cases are some of the hardest cases to litigate. The cases tend to be complex due to the nature of the injuries sustained, the science behind the accident, as well as factors that may have contributed to the accident taking place.

Due to such complexities, motorcycle accident victims need to be aware of their rights and should take proactive steps so as to help protect them.

An Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney may recommend taking the following steps:

Seek Medical Treatment

Most motorcycle accidents tend to be severe and often result in serious injuries such as fractures, traumatic brain injury, head trauma, and or paralysis. It is not uncommon to find that the accident victim was unconscious at the time of being transported to the emergency room.

It is, therefore, necessary for the crash victim to stay in the hospital for the duration recommended by the healthcare provider. In case the victim is conscious at the scene of the accident, it is recommended that they request for medical transport, and also describe the injuries sustained to the emergency responders.

Even if the accident victim has been injured and thinks that the injuries are not severe or life-threatening, they should still request for medical treatment as this helps in establishing a link between the injury and the cause of the accident.

Call the Police

It is always important to call the cops even if you think that the crash is not very important. Calling the police helps in documenting the evidence. Also, the police report that will be prepared may contain valuable information such as the identity and insurance information of the other driver.

The report may also include information on whether the other driver was issued a citation, as well as other important observations that may have been made by the officers.

Do Not Repair Your Bike

Although this particular step may seem counterintuitive, the Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney will recommend that you forego the repairs. The motorcycle is a big piece of the evidence as it shows the seriousness of that particular accident.

Your lawyer may also need to call in accident reconstruction experts so as to testify on the severity and nature of your accident. Your motorcycle can help in establishing this particular information. Damaged property is often used in proving the veracity of the claims being made by the victims.

Keep Track of Expenses

You must keep a list of all the expenses that are related to your motorcycle accident. The costs should include your medical bills, property that was damaged and the time that you have had to take away from work. Ensure that all this information is sent to your attorney.

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